• Your Freelancing Business Is All About You

    You have more opportunity available to you on your own than any employer will ever offer you. The best part is, you don’t need permission to access it.

  • Freelancing Tips From a Vietnamese Tour Guide

    Stop hiding out in a sea of freelancers. Hang out where your clients are, build rapport, and establish credibility before anything else.

  • Lessons Learned: Successes and Failures of 2013

    Career wise, 2013 has been the best year of my life; both financially and with my own personal fulfillment from work commitments. Just as importantly, I’ve been learning what motivates me and am transitioning my business to focus on these…

  • Project Management Software is Broken

    Project management software continues to let users down by catering to project managers and no one else. Let's put a stop the glorified to-do list.

  • Freelancer personality types: Good, cheap, or quick. Pick two.

    You can have it done right, cheap, or quick. Pick two. You’ve probably heard the saying before and laughed about how it’s especially been true of some rush project you worked on, or an old code base you’ve had to…

  • Ember.js Concepts for Rails Developers

    A comparison of Rails vs Ember.js MVC definitions to understand the similarities and differences between how they delegate responsibilities.

  • Rails API Testing Best Practices

    Rails API testing best practises. Guidelines for testing an API using RSpec, what we should be testing for and setting correct expectations.

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    Using Ember.js routing, view rendering and nested resources to create responsive, asynchronous user interfaces.

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    Create an Ember.js application in 5 minutes using Yeoman and its associated tools. This Ember tutorial gets you up and running fast.

  • Teach yourself to be a developer

    I am a self taught developer. I have never been employed by anyone but myself to write code and have never worked on a team where skills are shared between members. There have been advantages, and disadvantages to this way…